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In an effort to kick-off my new-initiative , the following will be my first post towards a series of articles I will start posting from now on weekly.

In this Post I ll discussing some of the  best practices that I have learned . Stay tuned

What is this going to be?


I am going to publish  a series of weekly posts explaining  how I would create or improve a feature of a tech product I use every week.  I will be using my Product management skills and some other skills: coding + prototyping + strategy + designing etc in order to come up with solutions, that hopefully you’ll be curious enough to discuss with me.

Why are you doing this?


3 reasons:

1-I am a product person.  I have done this cycle many times both as a PM and as an entrepreneur. I do not work for any of the companies I am going to present solution for and I will miss some inputs on my solutions but love products and I have a feeling I can contribute in finding a better solution.

2-To improve my Product Manager skills. Working on creating/improving features is part of my job as a Product manager and as an entrepreneur. It is something that makes me happy and that I want to constantly improve these skills.

Don’t practice until you get it right but practice until you can’t get it wrong.

3-I am doer. If I have an idea that I think is great enough I have a hard time keeping it for myself. I usually prototype and think about it on my notebook and I thought that this place would be an amazing place to share my thoughts and get feedback to become better.

When are you starting?

Next week! I am already working on next weeks Post:

Product to be improved: Facebook 

Feature Chosen: Group Feature.


Please feel free to drop me a line. I would very much appreciate constructive feedback or ideas.

If you are a startup and need a volunteer PM because you are “product lost” get in touch, I will help🙂 Put a PM in your life before it is too late!

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