Case Study: User Boarding From Ugly to Beautiful

One of most important part that most of the organization skip is User –Onboarding. It is the first step towards creating a trustworthy relationship with your future consumer. We have seen how
bad user onboarding has affected user acquisition and revenue generation.

I will share a case for popular matchmaking portal which has exorbitantly less successful signup %. Around 60-70 % of the user are bouncing off from successful signup.As per the study we came across some loop holes.  After registering user basic information, User was asked to fill in Highest Education, Specialization in Section Education
& Profession:Shown below


Specialization Field


Education field

Same problem exist

for Occupation, Designation and Industry

Proposed Solution





First solution to this to provide suggested values matching to user based text field entries .
The user can either click directly on a suggestion to enter it into the field,or navigate the list using the up and down arrow keys.




Sorting Top 10 % of the entries in terms of usage high to low and sorting rest alphabetically.




Once key thing that PM always miss is to test their hypothesis. UX feature need tonnes of A-B Testing before going live(A-B test Guide Link),The A-B testing could be carried out on several metrics/KPI. In the case mentioned we could consider on user dropout rate on the page & % of user completed the
desired information.


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